How Can You Apply A Wall Sticker To A Home Wall

Applying a sticker to a home wall is not a tough job. However, it will not work out well if you don’t apply a thought before sticking it to the wall. For a better look and appearance, you have to carry out this job well and keep all the do’s & don’ts in mind. Here are some useful and easy to follow instructions for you: 

Prepare a wall 

At first, be sure whether your wall is ready to hold an art piece such as ganesha wall stickers or not. As far as possible, avoid selecting a freshly painted wall for applying a sticker. In the application, you need to ensure that a wall decal is suitable for a paint coating over it. If your wall has a coarse texture, you should avoid applying vinyl stickers to it, as such one will not attach to the wall surface well. Choose a smooth wall surface for the smooth bonding with the art and your wall. Further, you have to remove the dust & dirt collected on it after deciding the surface. You can use a damp sponge or clean soft cloth piece to wash the wall. 

Sort out the layout 

In the next step, you need to arrange your wall stickers to sort out the layout. In the arrangement, you have to figure out which part will go where, especially when you have selected different stickers for a single wall surface. For sorting the layout, you can place them on the floor or any flat surface close to the determined space. Take the parts on the wall and use the tape to position them there. Be sure that stickers are arranged well. Use a paper or charcoal piece to make demarcations if you are confused with your sticker layout.      

Apply the wall art

Before moving to the application process, keep in mind that your received nature wall stickers might have three things on the wall sticker cutting – the die-cut vinyl (the actual sticker), the application tape (used for position & adhesion), and the wax paper (a thick layer behind vinyl). You have to ensure that your wall art is in accordance with demarcation lines. Remove the wax paper that is backing the art and pull out the sticker to your side. After that, you can apply it to the layed part on the wall. 

Take out the mask 

Removing the mask is a little tricky job. Hold the one corner from the wall and take it to the topside slowly. Keep taking it to the topside until you reach another edge from the first one. Give enough time and do masking off slowly so that your sticker would have no issue in its appearance. 

Be sure of the application

In the last step, you have to ensure that you have done the sticker application well or not. For being sure of a well sticker application, have a close look at the entire space and use a hard object with a flat & smooth surface to apply on the area where you find the sticker hasn’t gone well with the wall.  


Applying a sticker consists of several steps, from the wall preparation to the adhesion and assurance of the job. A well stuck sticker makes your wall space look attractive.   

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