Mustaches for Kids is an annual Mustache-growing fundraiser that is held in cities throughout the United States and Canada. Through word of mouth enthusiasm and serendipitous internet searches, many individuals discover our organization and express interest in starting a chapter in their city, town, hamlet, or village. We applaud those who have the energy and motivation to step up and grow with us.

The downloadable document at the bottom of this page articulates a series of guidelines for establishing and running a M4K chapter. We are a decentralized, hands-off operation, so these instructions should be taken more as a summary of the spirit of our organization and not a firm prescription of how to do things. We always want to allow individual chapters some leeway to tailor their fundraiser to their own communities.

photo3That said, these guidelines have been developed over many years of Mustache growing and fundraising, and they reflect the cumulative expertise of organizers and the distilled upside of much trial and error. And furthermore, no matter how many liberties you take with the overall organization of your chapter, we ask that you and your Growers strictly abide by the Mustache Growing Rules. This is MUSTACHES for Kids, after all. Not Creative Facial Hair for Kids. Or I-Started-To-Grow-A-Mustache-But-Decided-To-Turn-It-Into-A-Goatee For Kids.

More than anything, Mustaches for Kids is about attitude. Luckily, the type of person most likely to read about M4K and think, “I’ve found my calling” is probably someone who will intuitively understand the spirit of our organization. It is our hope that the full guidelines articulate the necessary nuts-and-bolts to help turn this energy into an organizational framework that allows Mustaches in your community to soar like beautiful eagles. Beautiful eagles with facial hair. Who happen to raise money for charity.

Some Stacheful Resources

  • Chapter Guidelines

    Version 0.91 updated November 10th, 2009 and downloaded 1966 times

    A document that provides a brief overview to running your own M4K chapter, including: fundraising, rules, checkpoints, competition, website, emails, publicity and tax deductions. Updated in Fall 2009.

  • M4K Chapter Plugin

    Version 1.11 updated November 17th, 2009 and downloaded 361 times

    This is a WordPress plugin that works in tandem with the M4K WordPress theme to offer chapters the basic tools to manage the online aspects of their mustache growing campaign: growers, events and weekly check-in photos. It also contains a few nifty widgets to enhance the mustachio'd sidebar.

  • M4K Chapter Theme

    Version 1.11 updated November 21st, 2009 and downloaded 367 times

    WordPress theme used on several M4K chapter sites that displays grower photos, events, registration form and some other goodies. See it in action at M4K Ottawa. Also includes a sample PSD for the header image that can be customized for your chapter.