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The Debunker #2

3 Nov 2009

Our ongoing series of myth shattering continues…

Myth #2: My workplace will not approve of my Mustache.

The Debunker says: What, are you a lipstick model? Unless your job has specific grooming restrictions (and if they do, why the heck are you still working there?), your colleagues and managers are sure to see your Mustache as a demonstration of your creativity, individualism, and community-minded spirit. Tell everyone you’re growing “outside the box”. People love anything that’s “outside the box”. So much so that “outside the box” just may be the new “inside the box”. If you actually try to use any sort of box metaphor, just make sure you talk long enough to confuse/bore/upset your audience. You might also mention that HR approved your ‘Stache, so any objections might lead to legal action.