The Debunker #1

26 Oct 2009

Welcome to The Debunker, wherein our Mustache experts will address commonly held myths about Mustache Growth, in order to convince the skeptics among you that, yes, you can grow a Mustache for charity.

Myth #1: My girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse, partner, life mate won’t like it.

The Debunker says: Wrong! The minor tactile inconveniences you might face with kissing, nuzzling, or whatever funky stuff you’re into will be overshadowed by the intangible swagger of confidence and masculinity that the Mustache will bring. You will be attractive, bold, macho, and just a wee bit dangerous. But you’ll also be kind-hearted and sensitive–remember, it’s for the kids. Plus, the prickly stage only lasts for a week, at which point your silken wisps will feel like the gentlest of caresses, like a small kitten has taken residence on your upper lip. Everyone likes kittens.

Take that, Myth #1. We have vanquished thee!